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Daytona Beach Traffic Lawyer

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Do not pay a Daytona Beach traffic ticket without speaking with a Daytona Beach traffic attorney. The fine is the least of your worries with traffic tickets in Daytona Beach. If you pay a Daytona Beach speeding ticket you will be adjudicated guilty. The secret that Florida does not want you to know about is the collateral consequences that come with paying a Daytona Beach ticket. When a Florida ticket is paid you will receive points on your license that can go toward suspending your license. Your insurance can and likely will increase. You will have a driving record that will decrease the likelihood that you get reductions in the future. The big problem is with Daytona Beach Driving While license suspended tickets. For just over $160 you can tell yourself that it went away. The reality is you just bought yourself a strike towards losing your license for five years. If you get 2 more strikes within a five year time frame you can be designated a habitual traffic offender. The five years goes from conviction date to offense date which gives the state the longest possible time frame to get you. If you drive after a HTO designation you could be prosecuted and convicted of a felony. Traffic tickets appear to be just a financial nuisance but in some cases can have a dramatic impact on your life. Traffic court is serious and by making a simple phone call to Daytona Beach traffic ticket lawyer Kevin J. Pitts you can find out what your options are. Traffic attorneys are affordable and can take steps to keep your insurance rates down, keep points of your license and might be able to get your case dismissed or fine reduced in some cases. Your appearance can be waived and most cases can be resolved without the driver attending. The consultation is free you have nothing to lose.


Daytona Beach Traffic Ticket Lawyer Kevin J. Pitts
747 S. Ridgewood Ave., #105
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

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